Soochipara View Scintillating And New


Soochippara has the popular sentinel rock waterfalls in Wayanad Kalpetta. Soochippara Waterfall situated near Meppadi is one amongst the gorgeous water bodies in Kerala. At Soochippara there are stretches of waterfalls which are at high altitudes ranging from 100 to 300 feet height. At Soochippara the Sentinal Waterfalls is really a great treat to the sightseeing guests.


At the Sentinal Rock Waterfalls there is the pool below providing space for water rafting, bathing, swimming, and other recreational activities. At Soochippara the specialties are the tree top huts that provide a unique view of Western Ghats valleys. Apart from these there are sparkling shallow waters and springs. 


Soochippara Waterfalls adds more beauty to Wayanad Kalpetta. In the mother tongue of Kerala, Soochirefers to needle and Para refers to rock. This is the reason behind the naming of the place. The Sentinal Rock Waterfalls are really high ranging up to 300 feet in height. The Sentinal Waterfalls comprises of totally three stretches. These stretches fall into Meenmutty, Kanthanpara, and Soochippara. At the end these stretches combine and reach the Chaliyar River.

Soochippara is an undiscovered beauty in Wayanad Kalpetta. In order to reach the falls you need to go through the green tea gardens. The nice aroma of tea leaves is present in the atmosphere. After this you need to proceed 2 kilometer down the equatorial forest. There are steep rocks in the area. Soochippara and its surroundings are ideal for holiday homes. In this place the Wayanad real estate is growing fast. Wayanad can aptly be termed as a paradise for nature lovers. Soochippara adds more beauty to the picturesque Wayanad. The Sentinal Rock Waterfalls in Soochippara is a great spot with scenic locations for photographers to explore.