Cascading Water Crawls At Chethalayam Falls


Chethalayam falls is situated at twelve kilometers distance from Sulthan Bathery. Chethalayam falls is adjacent to Pulpalli Main Road. The environment of the Chethalayam falls and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. Trekking to Chethalayam falls is an extraordinary experience. Even trekking novices can try Chethalayam falls which is at four kilometers from Chethalayam.


You can plan your visit to Chethalayam falls in the morning. At early dawn you can see some of the wildlife and birds. Chirping birds give a pleasant sound as you trek towards Chethalayam falls. The cascading waterfalls are a gorgeous sight. There are luscious grasses all the way through the route to Chethalayam waterfalls. The sight of the beautiful and magnificent waterfalls is really enthralling.


Trekking to Chethalayam falls situated close to Sulthan Bathery is an entertaining exercise for multicultural guests, tourists, and children. Children will love to see the beautifully colored butterflies found in the vegetation en route to Chethalayam falls. Wayanad trekking is a very interesting activity for Kerala tourists. All the way to the falls there are scenic locations, hill slopes, and bluish water bodies which are worth capturing in your video cam.

Upavan takes its esteemed guests for many popular sightseeing locations including Chethalayam falls. On your Wayanad trekking itinerary, be sure to include this extraordinarily beautiful and enthralling waterfalls.