Chain Tree…Makes Your Minds Free


Chain tree Wayanad has an interesting story behind it. Chain tree is a fascinating tourist spot. This chain tree is neighboring to Vythiri. You need to visit this chain tree to know the myth behind this spot. Chain tree Wayanad is a large Ficus tree.


The scientific name of Ficus tree is Ficus benjamina which is commonly referred as the Benjamin's Fig or Weeping Fig. Ficus tree is native to Asia and Australia. It is Bangkok’s (Thailand) official tree. Ficus tree, which is a Topiary tree, reaches up to 98 feet tall under natural conditions. Ficus tree has elegantly drooping branch lets and silky leaves. Since its small fruit is a favorite food for some birds, it attracts lots of beautiful birds.


The specialty about the large Ficus tree in Wayanad is that it is bound by a prominent chain. This serves as a source of a dramatic local myth. As per the myth, Karinthandan, an adivasi youth guided a British Engineer to the perilous mountain region to Wayanad. But in order to take the full credit for the discovery, it seems that the Engineer murdered Karinthandan. After his death his soul haunted the subsequent visitors to Wayanad. It seems that a priest chained the bothersome spirit into this tree.


Wayanad tourist should visit this chain tree to know more about its background. This chain tree closer to Vythiri is a legendary tourist spot in Wayanad.